I believe that god has chosen me to use my oratory skills to ignite the fire in others & help people achieve great heights in their success.
Here are my flagship seminars, in which you can expect better than ever results.

Attitude of Warlords – Secrets of Attitudinal Changes from Warfare.
Spell bound session on how warriors, warlords stand against all odds & yet snatch the victory & there is glory in their defeat too. This seminar helps listeners develop that Grace, Attitude, Fighting spirit and hunger to win.
Spirit of Great Organization – Seminar on Team Skills & Organizational Development.
A must arrange program for staff, team members of Companies, Networking Companies, Social Organizations, NGOs to bring that positive vibe in teams & in culture as well. Expect enhanced ownership, sense of sacrifice and positive approach in members towards all the processes & policies of organization.
Never Say Bye – Motivational Session for everyone.
A power pack session on motivation for all challenges in life & business.
Ninja Salesman - Highly motivating & igniting Sessions for Sales Staff.
Gives birth to Ninja Attitude in the minds of Sales Team. It covers concepts like 'never back down', 'persistence', 'Pride' & 'Numbers'.
Sync or Sink.
Exclusively for Working Couple and entrepreneurs on how to strike work life balance.Amazing experience of learning How to be in Sync with your family?
If you fail to sync you will sink.