Consider the two scenarios

In both the cases, what is missing?
Yes, you got it. Coach is common solution to both these cases.

Just imagine that you have a person in your life who is helping you realizing the tremendous power of your mind, making you accountable for your own commitments, who is making bringing more ownership in tasks in life, making your life more organized than ever and being a catalyst for your success. That person is Coach. What is common in most of the successful people is they all have hired a coach.

95% - 99% of our daily behaviors are operated by our subconscious mind. Our subconscious is 1 million times more powerful than our conscious mind.”
– Dr. Bruce Lipton, “The Wisdom of Your Cells”

We must understand that every person has its own programming which has been created by number of events, beliefs, variety of listening & experiences. To change this pattern, we have to challenge the pattern. Telling or instructions will not work in these cases, nobody likes to get instructed nor do they follow. However, when we ask certain questions designed & articulated in a way, that they start seeking the answers in their own mind. Once we start challenging patterns, clarity emerges. Clarity brings confidence & confidence brings action, which ultimately gives results.

What you can expect from me?

Confidentiality, Commitment, Non-Judgmental attitude, Neutrality, best of coaching abilities to bring out the transformation and with positive response from you, I can bring all the desired changes in you/your life.

What you should not expect from me?

Ready Solutions/Answers. Happiness doesn’t lie in getting to know the answers, but you get it in the journey from question to answers. I don’t want to take away that happiness from you. It also helps my clients to become independent to find solutions. I believe that you certainly have all the solutions/answers within you. It is just that, it has been not been asked, checked or explored fully. However, I would ensure that you will end up getting clarity for all the challenges/dreams you wish to overcome/achieve.

What I expect from you?

Transparency in sharing. This is because I really wish to see you at your best after the coaching. As they say, don't hide anything from Lawyers & Doctors’, now add Coach in list.

How is it done?

There are 2 ways.

As in 21st century, most of things have gone digital, Coaching has also joined the league. If possible, we meet (depends on Distance & mutual convenience). Coaching over Phone/Skype is an industry norm. Both the formats have the same impact, so not to worry much about it.

How much is the Investment?

Hiring a Coach is certainly the most important investment of your life. Coaching assignment is decided in our first free demo coaching session, where we decide the scope of assignment and frequency of sessions. Accordingly, the actual investment amount can be shared with you. 50% advance amount is taken, just to keep both the parties committed.

For which topics should you hire a coach?

As such there is no any restriction. But most of my clients come to me for Life & Business Related dreams/goals.

To book a demo Session, please send mail to or call 954540011